Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Congratulations to those who will be a part of our Fall 2009 Intern Group!

Our Fall '09 Interns:

Emily makes her home in nearby Bountiful and is a graduate from the SLCC nursing program. She has had 3 1/2 years med/surgical experience in the past and decided to try out the intern program because “I am ready to learn more, I have learned that I deal with high stress situations well.” For fun, Emily enjoys skiing as much as she can, running races, climbing, biking, and reading. Her most interesting life experience is traveling Europe when she was 19— “Each day was a new adventure.” She also one had emergency surgery in Cancun, “being in the hospital there was a little scary.” Friends would describe Emily as organized, time oriented and fun. If she could have lunch with anyone, she would choose the President because “he has an interesting and inspiring life story.”

Reagan comes to the CCI program from Beaver, UT. He is a recent graduate to the Southern Utah University Nursing program. Reagan was inspired to apply for the Internship by a good friend who is a recent CCI graduate. “I like critical care and more intense situations but I didn’t want to get thrown into critical care.” Reagan counts his travel to Brazil as his most interesting life experience. Reagan’s hobbies are fishing, camping, hunting, and sports such as football and basketball. In three words he would be described as relaxed, dedicated, and loyal. If he could go to lunch with anyone he would choose our first president George Washington, “I want to know and hear about how he and his colleagues wrote the declaration of independence, and what inspiring experiences that had while doing it.”

Megan hails from Kaysville, UT. She is a recent Weber graduate, and has experience as a HCA in our very own MICU/CCU and also as an LPN at McKay Dee Hospital. Megan learned about the CCI program while she was an HCA in MICU—” I love it there...I wanted to do the program so I could learn all I need to know about the ICU and eventually work there again.” Megan’s most interesting life experience has been going to professional ballet school for training, “I was a ballerina for 14 years.” Her friends would describe her as optimistic, energetic, and loyal. If she could go to lunch with anyone, Megan would choose “My Grandma Sophie—she's my Dad’s mom and she died when he was 16— I want to know all her amazing Italian cooking recipes.”

Jared is originally from Shingle Springs, CA, but until recently was living in Rochester, NY while attending the University of Rochester for his Nursing degree. He also has a bachelors in exercise science form BYU– Hawaii. Jared considers his most interesting life experience to be getting married and having a family, “I’m married with 4 kids. I love nursing; I enjoy helping people to get better. I enjoy educating people to be their own advocate.” In his spare time, Jared enjoys waterskiing, running, lifting weights, and spending time with his family, “My wife and I like to take the kids on trips. We go to Lake Powell every summer.” His friends would describe him as passionate, intense, and a worker. If he could go to lunch with anyone, it would be, “My wife— we don’t get to go out very often.”

Chad grew up in Riverton, UT and currently lives in Ogden. He is a graduate of the Weber State nursing program and worked as an LPN on the Rehab 2 floor for about a year before coming to the internship program. Chad counts his most interesting life experience to be when he traveled to Eastern Europe with the Folk Dance team of BYU-Idaho for a month, “danced, performed, and participated in several world dance competitions. I met hundreds of people from other countries, had a great time and learned a lot!” For fun, Chad enjoys playing the guitar, ballroom dancing, fishing, camping, and canoeing. Friends describe him as supportive, empathetic, and hard working. If he could go to lunch with anyone he would choose Team Hoyt, “I think the dedication this father gives his son exemplifies how perfect love and compassion can be.”

Alex is originally from Aspen, CO. She is a recent graduate of the U of U nursing program. She also attended the Rowmark Ski Academy here in the Salt Lake area. Alex counts her most interesting life experience to be competing in the Olympic games twice, once in the 1998 Nagano Olympics and again in the 2002 Salt Lake City games. For fun, Alex enjoys skiing and biking. She also works for an interior designer, painting, tearing down walls, etc. Her friends would describe Alex as goofy, sincere, and a hard worker. If Alex could go to lunch with anyone, it would be Becky Patton, “She has had some enormous opportunities with the new Presidential administration and has a good perspective on the best direction for health care in the U.S.”

George comes to the Internship program from Idaho Falls, ID. He is a recent graduate of the BYU– Idaho nursing program. He also has a B.S. in Biology also from BYU– Idaho. George choose to come to the Internship program because ,“I’ve wanted to works as a critical care nurse and know as a new grad that I will get the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to become an exceptional nurse.” George’s most interesting life experience to date is hiking and climbing the Grand Teton. In his spare time he likes to snowmobile, play basketball, Frisbee golf, hike, and work out. His friends would describe him as honest, fun, and friendly. If he could go to lunch with anyone, he would choose, “My wife, I love spending as much time with her as possible.”

Jessica grew up in Kaysville, UT and currently lives in Provo, UT. She holds an A.S. from Weber State, started paramedic school, ended up marrying a fire fighter, and switching her major to nursing. She passed her boards in Nov 2008. She is currently finishing up her BSN at BYU. Jessica’s most interesting life experience—”I moved to England with $150 to my name when I graduated high school. I had some of the best experiences in my life there. I am all about going out there and having fun!” Friends would describe her as reliable, hard-working, and smart. She enjoys going to school, “I love to learn everything!” She also loves to read, ski, snowboard, fly fish, scuba dive, travel, and curl up on the couch with her husband and watch movies. If she could go to lunch with anyone she would choose Lance Armstrong, “It would be fun to pick his brain about his training habits and experience.”

Souad is originally from Brussels, Belgium. She recently was working as an LPN in the Women’s and Children’s unit here at the U. Souad recently completed the Weber State nursing program and also holds a bachelor’s in finance from the U of U. She counts her most interesting life experiences to be moving to the USA when she was 18 and adopting her daughter from Guatemala. In her spare time, Souad enjoys snowboarding, running and reading books. She also loves traveling throughout the USA and abroad. Her friends would describe her as caring, positive and responsible. If she could go to lunch with anyone, Souad would choose Gandhi, “I would ask him questions and for insights about his patience and philosophy of life.”

John is originally from Orem, but recently moved back to the area from Cedar City, UT. He is a graduate of the Southern Utah University Nursing program. He had had a variety of experiences working in med/surg units in Southern Utah and also at UVRMC in the Pysch ward and long term care ward. John counts his most interesting life experience as living in Sao Paullo, Brazil, “Where the streets had no name.” John loves the outdoors, and being with his family, “If I am not with my family I am usually hunting of fishing.” His friends would describe him as honest, dependable, and funny. If he could go to lunch with anyone, John would choose, “Russell M. Nelson— It would be an amazing opportunity to learn more about how cardiovascular surgery came about. It would also be an inspirational and insightful conversation.”

Heather grew up in the SLC area and then moved to Southern Utah to attend SUU. She is a recent graduate of the SUU Nursing program. She has worked for the past 4 years as an HCA in a pediatrics & Women’s surgeries ward. Heather’s most interesting life experience have been with her travels, “I’ve been to Hawaii and across the continental U.S.— I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.” For fun she enjoys exercise (it works out the stress), going out to movies and restaurants, reading, cross-stitch, and she also loves to spend time with her kids. Friends would describe Heather as loyal, dependable, and funny. If she could go out to lunch with anyone, she would choose Hugh Jackman, “He is so handsome— I would just stare at him the whole time!”

Sarah moved to the SLC from Tucson, Arizona. She holds a B.S. in Nursing from the U of Arizona and a B.S. in Exercise Science from Boise State U. Sarah choose the CC Internship program because she’s always wanted to be in critical care, “in all of my research I never came across an institution that could offer me the same ICU experience as the Internship.” Sarah’s most interesting life experience was bungee jumping off a 200ft bridge over the Snake River, “ I have never felt such an adrenaline rush in my life.” For fun Sarah plays soccer (both a women’s and coed team), and go hiking, camping, back packing, fishing, and mountain biking with her husband. Friends would describe her as motivated, caring, and out-going. If she could spend lunch with anyone it would be Michelle Obama, “She’s a role model to so many women, and has a passion for life that in contagious.”

Critical Care Internship Graduates